Offshore Wind China 2016, Dedicated to Excellence in June in Shanghai


Offshore Wind China 2016, Dedicated to Excellence in June in Shanghai


 “OFFSHORE WIND CHINA 2016” will be unveiled with a brand new image in June 2016 in Grand Hyatt Shanghai Hotel of Jin Mao Tower after 7 years of accumulation. Jointly organized by Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association, National Renewable Energy Center, and Shanghai International Exhibition Co Ltd (subsidiary of CCPIT Shanghai) , it has been the largest offshore wind event in China.  We are committed to promote the scale-development of offshore wind, build a sound ecological circle of O&M, and catch the revolution and opportunities of internet of energy.


This edition will present 3 themes: Offshore Wind, Operation & Maintenance, Internet of Energy.


A leading, Practical, and Interactive grand conference with:

400+industry professionals

Your best gateway to China’s wind market via:

l        Panel discussions by leading figures

l        Case study in panorama

l        Edge-in technology sessions

l        Private seminars

l        and more…


2016 is a prime year for China’s offshore wind industry to enter the age of scale- development, a key turning point for O&M market to make a breakthrough and go out of chaos, and also a great moment for wind power industry to realize revolution by marrying Internet of Energy. We are dedicated to offer you an excellent event where you can find out the tender points of industry, network with all key players, and present your edge-in technology and conception for huge business opportunities in near future.


More information: http://www.offshorewindchina.com/en/newsDetail.php?id=107




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